Community News for White Waltham and Woodlands Park


Welcome to our new electronic edition of Community News for our local area of White Waltham and Woodlands Park.  

Community News replaces the Parish Magazine while we are unable to circulate printed copies.  It is produced in three mini-issues per two month period; together, those three mini-issues equate to one printed edition of the Parish Magazine.  Whether in mini-issues or a single bi-monthly issue, you can get information about what's going on in our local community as well as news from our church and advertising from local businesses – please do support them at this challenging time.  

Please click below to see recent issues of Community News for White Waltham and Woodlands Park (or Parish Magazines from the past year).  In addition to being available here Community News is also posted on our church Facebook page and distributed via our local primary schools.  

If you have an article or advert you would like included, please get in touch.