The bells at are rung to call people to worship on Sunday mornings, and the ringers also meet to practice on Friday evenings.

We welcome new ringers.  If you would like to find out more click to email us.  Alternatively you can contact the church office by clicking .

You could also visit our Facebook page 

Practice Nights

The Practice nights are on Fridays between 7-30pm and 9pm.

The Ringer's Aims

  • To call people to worship by the sounding of the bells. 
  • To ring at White Waltham each Sunday. 
  • To ring quarter peals for festivals. 
  • To practice Friday evenings. 
  • To operate as a combined band. 
  • To have fun!

White Waltham Bells Information

White Waltham tower houses a ring of six bells which were re-cast and re-hung in a new frame by Whitechapel Bell Foundry in 1989. We are fortunate to have an excellent set of bells which make it very easy for teaching. The ringing chamber is cosy, and shared with the clock mechanism, which is over 100 years old. We are always keen to recruit more ringers!  To find out more about ringing at White Waltham click  and send an email.

Bell Weight
(Cwts, Qtrs, Lbs)
 Treble 4-0-0 E 
 Second 4-3-24 D 
 Third 5-3-3 C 
 Fourth 6-3-1 B 
 Fifth 8-3-25 A 
 Tenor12-0-9 G 


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